Chef Michael Shelton

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Meet Chef Michael Shelton

Chef Michael Shelton's new focus and the goal is service to and for this industry - to promote wellness and good education to his workforce.  In that endeavor, he has started working with Café Reconcile to impact aspiring cooks directly.  He has also teamed with Sons Of A Saint to mentor and reach out to young men in our community.  His biggest joy is joining Fair Kitchens. The wellness of our industry is a large personal and professional concern, and this organization is truly providing aid in that endeavor. We are proud to be a part of that doing our small part.

Chef Michael Shelton winning an award

The Executive Chef at Apolline Restaurant in New Orleans, LA, Chef Michael is originally from Philadelphia and has served his entire culinary career in Louisiana. He went to high school at Biloxi High School in Biloxi, MS, and College at Jackson State University in Jackson, MS. Starting as an Assistant Manager at Waffle House, Monroe, LA, his first line Cooking job in fine dining was at 2 Johns Steakhouse in Bossier City, Louisiana, working on the Grill in 2012. He worked for Wine Country Bistro and then ran the kitchen and opened The Bella Fresca Bistro with Chef Weston McClewee.

He moved to New Orleans in the Spring of 2014 to work at Mondo in Lakeview. Then he was a line cook here at Apolline while being the Head of Production of Pizza Domenica. He took a chance and had the most transformative job of my career, working on the line at La Petite Grocery, where he learned to THINK as a cook. This brought him to his first Executive Chef Job at The Little Gem Saloon.