Tour Planners/DMCs

Laissez les bon temps rouler (let the good times roll!)
is more than just a favorite local phrase

–it’s a rallying cry to embrace and enjoy life to its fullest when you’re in Louisiana.

As a host, chef, our guide, local historian and Louisiana native, Chef Amy Sins and her team give guests the most authentic, unscripted and spontaneous local adventures in food and culture. Everybody’s gotta eat in New Orleans—why not combine your meal with a fun and entertaining dining experience?

Choosing one of our celebrity-chef led corporate brings southern entertaining at its best to your group. As Louisiana natives, we are masters in the art of cooking and conversation. Put us in front of a crowd, and we spend hours spinning stories about life in Louisiana, local culture, cuisine, and our history (all while we show you how to make a roux or the secrets of a great gumbo).

Our “Live Cooking Shows” and Louisiana cooking demonstrations provide a crash course in some of Louisiana’s classic dishes. Our storytelling chefs weave cooking techniques and ingredients together to bring classic Cajun or Creole dishes to life before your eyes. We look at a dish from every angle and explore the diverse culinary influences and ingredients that contributed to it, such as the West African use of okra as a thickener in gumbos or the introduction of corn by Native Americans. We can demonstrate techniques and the science of cooking.. Our chefs travel to your home kitchen, meeting facility, or a local restaurant. We also work with various restaurants and private event venues that can provide a full meal during these demonstrations.

Corporate Groups have a wide selection of options depending on your group size-

Celebrity Chef Live Cooking Shows
Hands-on Cooking Classes
Interactive Dining Experiences
Culinary Entertainment
Fun with Crepes
Cooking Demonstrations
Culinary History Lectures

These events are held in a local restaurant, hotel, convention center, meeting space or other client-provided venue.

We are happy to help you coordinate space or work with your current venue.

Whats included?

  • Chef cooking show & performance
  • Cajun Gumbo
  • Flambé (yes we will light something on fire!)
  • Premium electronic recipe and history packet sent to the meeting organizer prior to the event
  • Chef Q&A and interaction
  • All cooking equipment & ingredients