Check out some of our favorite photos

— and see what it is like to enjoy a Langlois experience.

On our events page you can see the smiles of our guests and the fun that we have, and maybe even a few of our favorite ghost. 

If you’re planning a luxury private restaurant experience, our food photos are the place to start to find your inspiration. Langlois Culinary Crossroads & Chef Amy Sins work with several local farms in the area. 

When we can we grow our own produce at Crossroads Farm and we get product from her family’s farm in St. Francisville. You may even catch a glimpse of wild foraged mushrooms, dewberries and elderflower.

 Since our team is willing to travel, we work at several locations in the area including local restaurants, private homes and a private restaurant space in the Marigny. Take a look at our locations photos to see more.

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